About TravelforCoins

This website was created to further expand the usability of bitcoins on the open market. The concept is simple: the ability to book a hotel room, pay in bitcoins, sit back and relax knowing you got a great deal on your room. We only accept bitcoins or BTC. Please see below to learn how you can get bitcoins.

Our Team

The ForCoins Team is very passionate about the use and future of digital currency. We believe in bitcoin which is why we started accepting it for payment back in February of 2013 which makes us one of the ORIGONAL bitcoin merchants.

Aaron Soleimani

Co-Owner | People Pleaser

Aaron is a Co-Owner focused on making your travel plans stress free, booking one hotel room at a time.

Riley Alexander

Co-Owner | Web Magician

Riley Co-Founded ForCoinsLLC back in early 2013 and has been involved in many bitcoin ventures ever since.

What is a Bitcoin

If you don't know what a bitcoin is, here are a few links to read up on them.

How to Get BTC

There are lots of different ways to get BTC just like there are lots of ways to get any currency. You can sell something and get paid in BTC, you can exchange USD for BTC, there is even a Bitcoin Faucet website that gives SMALL amounts of bitcoins away free every day.

-Coinbase.com A Currency Exchange to Change from BTC to USD (No Fee Deposits and withdrawals of USD)

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